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Tackling Dispute Resolution

Publication date

1/2021 - The nature of the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (ACF): the Court of Rome towards a change of course1.18 MB
2/2021 - Put option and the spectre of “patto leonino” or leonina societas agreement: repeated changes in case-law 1.43 MB
3/2021 - Liability of the employer and the principal: ex-ante and actual practical predictability required1.42 MB
4/2021 - Proving an assignment of receivables “en bloc”: between fluctuating jurisprudential views and juridical uncertainties1.84 MB
5/2021 - The relevance of the global structure of an investor/player’s portfolio in banking litigation2.65 MB
6/2021 - Remarks on a party’s subjective conditions with respect to bank information1.05 MB
7/2021 - The validity of put option clauses preventing the risk of loss arising from financial relations697.53 KB
8/2021 - Civil proceedings reform: latest news693.96 KB
9/2022 - The United Sections of the Italian Supreme Court accept the argument that omnibus sureties can be partially null696.56 KB
10/2022 - The relevance of the causal link regarding the liability in the financial intermediation692.43 KB
11/2022 - Liability of director and shareholder for management acts performed after the occurrence of the company dissolution226.14 KB
12/2022 - The United Sections clarify the powers of acquisition and investigative powers of the court-appointed expert224.86 KB
13/2022 - The other side of the United Sections of the Court of Justice in relation to derivatives: matters of jurisdiction2.71 MB
14/2022 - United Sections: the 'functionality' of the service for the purposes of prededuction of the professional's claim2.72 MB
15/2022 - The 'negotiated settlement' of the crisis and the phase of confirmation of protective measures: recent court decisions2.71 MB
16/2022 - The Court of Cassation takes a position on the fate of the liquidation of the so-called Two Venetian Banks2.71 MB
17/2022 - EU Court of Justice on identifying jurisdiction and law applicable to obligations2.17 MB
18/2022 - In-house companies: It is up to the ordinary and accounting courts to check the liability of directors and employees2.09 MB
19/2022 - Supreme Court takes a stand on trust companies and joint and several liability2.71 MB
20/2022 - Shareholder of limited liability company can file third-party revocation objection as a creditor2.72 MB
21/2022 - Securitization transactions: the assigned debtor cannot set off against the assignee creditor2.72 MB
22/2022 - A shareholder's right of withdrawal in management, coordination, and change to share circulation rules2.71 MB
23/2022 - The Supreme Court on the subject of subordination of shareholder loans2.74 MB
24/2022 - It's the plaintiff's burden to prove the causal link between auditors' lack of supervision and the resulting injury2.71 MB
25/2022 -The Court of Cassation specifies limits to the possibility of amending the application, regardless the procedure type2.71 MB
26/2022 - Loan agreement deemed irrelevant for the purposes of the phenomenon governed by Art. 2560 CC aimed at the acquisition2.71 MB
27/2022 - Environmental damage: Court of Cassation refers to the EU Court of Justice to verify the liability of the beneficiary2.74 MB
28/2023 - Only irregular bookkeeping entries do not determine liability for damages on the part of the the administrator2.71 MB
29/2023 - Initial arrests by the Court of Milan on overcoming the judgement2.71 MB
30/2023 - Liquidator entitled to take action against banks and administrators for damages caused by excessive recourse to credit2.72 MB
31/2023 - Transfer of the leased business: what happens to the services left uncompleted2.71 MB
32/2023 - The Italian reform of civil proceedings2.75 MB
Alessandro Botti
Antonio Martini
Arianna Trentino
Ilaria Canepa