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Corporate, M&A, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Corporate finance transactions are a core deal for our law firm, whose characteristics make it the ideal advisor for mid cap M&A transactions:

  • Full-service law firm, with professionals specializing in all practices that may be involved in an M&A transaction: such as administrative law, town planning and environmental law, labour law, intellectual property, litigation and antitrust law
  • Specific expertise in many industries, such as energy and infrastructure, real estate, gaming and gambling, fashion, shipping and aviation
  • Solid tax and finance practice enabling a comprehensive and thorough understanding of all legal, economic and financial issues of a transaction
  • Territorial reputation based on consolidated relationships with local business communities, besides its offices being located in the most developed areas of the Country
  • Network of dense and qualified relationships with leading law firms all over the world, which are eligible to accompany our Clients’ globalization process with reliable partners

The above features contributed to mould the business-like approach of our fee earners, who often develop and suggest to our Clients the solutions that they believe best suits their needs, or share the risk on the transactions assisted by them, or set up their relationships with our Clients likewise a business partner, much more than a mere provider of legal services.

The “natural” Clients of our M&A practice are:

  • Mid-cap companies, which we assist in their domestic or cross-border growth
  • All businesses of any size active in the industries included in CBA’s practice
  • Private equity and venture capital funds, business angels
  • Multinational corporations that intend to acquire an Italian business
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