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Data protection

CBA offers a full range of personal data protection services and legal guidance to businesses (especially, industry, trading, banking, insurance and financial businesses), including through opinions and forms, with respect to all actions required to ensure their compliance with the Italian and European legislation (following the GDPR approval), providing assistance before the competent Authorities for preliminary assessments and inspections, notifications, claims and appeals, and offering legal representation at all judicial levels (including before the Italian Supreme Court) in case of appeals against the Data protection Authority or claims for compensation against unlawful data processing, or harm to a Client’s reputation or any offences howsoever connected with the use of Information Technology.

CBA advisory services are also tailored to enhance business organization models and ensure their compliance with the law (eg., with regard to the Data Privacy Officer), and to assist companies with those technologies whose use poses a number of data protection issues (eg. biometric and geolocation devices, video monitoring system, safety deployments, data profiling, customer fidelity programmes, exchange of data and data losses, e-commerce, etc.) and transfer of data outside the EU.

An expert team of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in data protection matters is committed to providing effective high-quality assistance to our Clients. With a view toward taking an inter-disciplinary approach, the data protection team interacts with the other CBA’s practice groups to analyse and solve complex and transversal problems.

CBA prides itself on the fact that its professionals played a pivotal role at Parliamentary level in the legislative process that introduced personal data protection guidelines in Italy. Besides its deep understanding of the evolution affecting the data protection laws from the very beginning, our Privacy Department is also able to provide insightful analysis of the impact of the evolving legal framework on our Clients.

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