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Banking & Finance

CBA has developed in-depth expertise on the legal, regulatory and tax issues affecting the banking, insurance and financial business of those credit institutions, financial intermediaries and insurance companies subject to Italian Legislative Decrees no. 385 of 1st September 1993 (the Consolidated Banking Act), and no. 58 of 24 February 1998 (the Consolidated Finance Act), and Italian Legislative Decree no. 209 of 7 September 2005 (the Code of Private Insurance) in connection with both their domestic and cross-border transactions.

Our Clients include credit institutions, financial sponsors, insurance compagnies, companies, hedge funds or other funds, qualified investors and other financial institutions.

Our banking and finance practice assists intermediaries from incorporation throughout the course of their business.

We regularly assist supervised entities of the banking, insurance or financial sector on all legal or regulatory compliance issues affecting their relevant services, or their relationships with the Supervisory Authorities, and in the preparation and review of the relevant agreements with retail and institutional customers.

CBA actively takes part in the consultations opened by the Supervisory Authorities on banking/insurance/financial matters, and on several occasions, it has promoted a number of initiatives of regulatory changes and financial innovations before public institutions and bankers’ associations, by virtue of its long-lasting and close relationships with scholars and the business community.

Besides our consolidated knowledge and experience in the traditional banking system, we also developed significant transactional expertise, as we customarily advise on the preparation and negotiation of the documentation relating to (industrial, trading and financial) acquisition finance, project finance, real estate finance and asset finance transactions.

We also boast specific experience in the sector of public finance and local and territorial entities, as well as in export credit and beneficial finance. We furthermore provide assistance in connection with securitisation transactions and transfers of receivables held vis-à-vis the public sector.

The members of our Banking & Finance group work closely with the other departments of our law firm, so as to focus their complementary specialties and expertise into a fully integrated service.

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