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Coronavirus, CBA is ready with professional help desk answering to Italian and international companies

The health issue about Coronavirus and the blocking or slowdown of some activities in Italy and in international trade pushes us to react immediately in a spirit of service. CBA has set up a help desk of professionals who are able to answer the numerous questions that Italian and international companies are facing these days.
Among the most recurring doubts for companies: labour law issues and issues related to the need to identify contractual remedies with respect to the production of goods or the provision of blocked or delayed services and the applicability or not of force majeure clauses (questions which are more complex in the context of international trade with the possible applicability of different laws or even of provisions and documents issued by foreign bodies).
Also in the area of administrative and public law there are numerous impacts due to decrees and ordinances issued by the State and Regions and to their applicability to certain commercial activities.
Last but not least, tax law issue and the topics of support measures for businesses (IGC, guarantee funds, tax breaks or similar) and the impact on the covenants of the loan agreements if the prolongation of the blockage of the activities entails significant economic losses.
CBA professionals with specific expertise in labour law, administrative law, commercial law, banking & finance and tax are collaborating synergistically to answer doubts, many of which are absolutely new and never encountered in the past.

For more information please email: or call + 39 02 778061 from 9am to 7 pm

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