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Amministrazione e controllo nella società per azioni e nella società a responsabilità limitata

Responsabilità e strumenti di protezione
Publication date

Author: Nicola Canessa

Mainly, the following sources are discussed:

  • reform of company law
  • trusts
  • asset funds
  • Directors & Officers Liability policies

The volume highlights the problems related to the responsibility of the management and supervisory bodies of Italian joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. An extremely complex and renewed regulatory framework has been set down in black and white: an overview has now been achieved, at least. Thanks to the contribution of a professional who has long worked in the insurance sector in the USA, a full chapter has been dedicated to D&O policies. This work explores the specific issues of the protection of directors and statutory auditors’ assets, and provides indications on the recent Reform of company law.

Nicola Canessa